Adelaide Pettigrew, 18361926 (aged 89 years)

Adelaide /Pettigrew/
Given names
Married name
Adelaide Pettigrew /Stevenson/
Birth December 22, 1836 19
Birth of a siblingWilliam Lachlan Macquarie Redfern Pettigrew
November 4, 1838 (aged 1 year)
Birth of a brotherRobert Pettigrew
September 25, 1840 (aged 3 years)
Birth of a brotherJohn Wesley Pettigrew
October 6, 1842 (aged 5 years)
Birth of a sisterSarah Ann Pettigrew
September 12, 1844 (aged 7 years)
Birth of a sisterElizabeth Pettigrew
August 9, 1846 (aged 9 years)
Birth of a sisterMaragret Stewart Pettigrew
August 18, 1846 (aged 9 years)
Immigration 1848 (aged 11 years)
Birth of a brotherThomas Drew Pettigrew
March 16, 1850 (aged 13 years)
Birth of a sisterEllen Pettigrew
June 7, 1853 (aged 16 years)
Death of a sisterEllen Pettigrew
April 23, 185712.20 am (aged 20 years)
Cause: Gastric fever
Burial of a sisterEllen Pettigrew
July 1857 (aged 20 years)
Cemetery: Shankill Burial Ground
Note: Reburied
Burial of a sisterEllen Pettigrew
April 30, 1859 (aged 22 years)
Cemetery: Kilkerran
Death of a fatherThomas Pettigrew
August 20, 1864 (aged 27 years)
Cause: British Cholera
Burial of a brotherRobert Pettigrew
June 20, 1865 (aged 28 years)
Cemetery: Southern Necropolis
Death of a brotherRobert Pettigrew
July 16, 1865 (aged 28 years)
Cause: Drowning during a ship launch
MarriageRobert Alexander StevensonView this family
October 14, 1865 (aged 28 years)
Death of a sisterMaragret Stewart Pettigrew
July 12, 1866 (aged 29 years)
Birth of a sonRobert Comrie Stevenson
March 1, 1868 (aged 31 years)
Birth of a sonThomas William Stevenson
September 27, 1869 (aged 32 years)
Birth of a sonJohn Walker Stevenson
June 16, 1871 (aged 34 years)
Birth of a sonSamuel Alexander Rae Stevenson
August 24, 1872 (aged 35 years)

Death of a sisterSarah Ann Pettigrew
May 25, 1873 (aged 36 years)
Burial of a sisterSarah Ann Pettigrew
September 28, 1873 (aged 36 years)
Cemetery: Southern Necropolis
Birth of a daughterHelen Ann Mary Stevenson
February 10, 1874 (aged 37 years)
Birth of a daughterHarriet Coumbe Parker
December 15, 1875 (aged 38 years)
Death of a sonThomas William Stevenson
January 24, 1876 (aged 39 years)

Death of a daughterHelen Ann Mary Stevenson
June 3, 1876 (aged 39 years)

Death of a motherElizabeth Redfern Watt
June 12, 1877 (aged 40 years)
Birth of a sonCharles David Stevenson
January 4, 1878 (aged 41 years)
Birth of a daughterJessie Roberta Stevenson
April 25, 1885 (aged 48 years)
Birth of a granddaughterVera Dorothy King
November 18, 1900 (aged 63 years)
Birth of a granddaughterAdelaide Edith King
December 27, 1901 (aged 65 years)
Birth of a granddaughterJessie Roberta King
May 13, 1903 (aged 66 years)
Birth of a grandsonRobert Alexander King
February 5, 1905 (aged 68 years)
Birth of a granddaughterMuriel King
March 27, 1908 (aged 71 years)
Death of a husbandRobert Alexander Stevenson
June 10, 1916 (aged 79 years)
Death of a sonSamuel Alexander Rae Stevenson
January 2, 1918 (aged 81 years)
Death of a brotherJohn Wesley Pettigrew
September 8, 1918 (aged 81 years)
Death of a sisterMary Elizabeth Pettigrew
December 23, 1918 (aged 82 years)
Burial of a fatherThomas Pettigrew

Cemetery: Shankill Burial Ground
Death January 14, 1926 (aged 89 years)
Family with parents
Death: August 20, 1864Campbelltown, Northern Ireland
Marriage MarriageDecember 17, 1833Cathederal Church of Raphoe
13 months
elder sister
Birth: December 30, 1834 17Middleton, County Armagh
Death: December 23, 1918Cowra, NSW
2 years
Birth: December 22, 1836 19Dungannon, Ireland
Death: January 14, 1926Cowra, NSW
23 months
younger sibling
Birth: November 4, 1838 21Dungannon, County Tyrone
Death: January 15, 1926New York, USA
23 months
younger brother
Birth: September 25, 1840 23Pitlochry, Perthshire
Death: July 16, 1865Clyde River shipyard
2 years
younger brother
Birth: October 6, 1842 25Pitlochry, Perthshire
Death: September 8, 1918Glasgow, Scotland
2 years
younger sister
Birth: September 12, 1844 27Blackhill, Perthshire
Death: May 25, 18738 Scotia Street, Glagow
23 months
younger sister
Birth: August 9, 1846 29Blackhill, Perthshire
Death: February 19, 1929126 Raglan Street, Mosman
younger sister
Birth: August 18, 1846 29Blackhill, Perthshire
Death: July 12, 18668 Scotia Street, Glagow
4 years
younger brother
Birth: March 16, 1850 33East Haugh, Perthshire
Death: 1929Western Australia
3 years
younger sister
Birth: June 7, 1853 36Campbelltown, Argyleshire
Death: April 23, 1857Campbelltown, Argyleshire
Family with Robert Alexander Stevenson
Birth: October 19, 1840Kirkcudbright, Scotland
Death: June 10, 1916Cowra NSW, Australia
Birth: December 22, 1836 19Dungannon, Ireland
Death: January 14, 1926Cowra, NSW
Marriage MarriageOctober 14, 1865Cowra, NSW, Australia
10 years
Birth: December 15, 1875 35 38Cowra, NSW
Death: September 25, 1944Sydney, NSW
-8 years
19 months
Birth: September 27, 1869 28 32Cowra, NSW
Death: January 24, 1876
21 months
Birth: June 16, 1871 30 34Cowra, NSW
Death: Sydney, NSW
15 months
Birth: August 24, 1872 31 35
Death: January 2, 1918Cowra, NSW
18 months
Birth: February 10, 1874 33 37Cowra, NSW
Death: June 3, 1876
4 years
7 years
Birth: April 25, 1885 44 48Cowra, NSW
Death: March 1943Sydney, NSW

from The King Connection document: "The Pettigrew family came to Britain with the Norman Conquests (the name means 'mall foot' o r 'thin leg' or 'crane' in old French, depending on who does the translation. Today the family is spread all over the United Kingdom, and subsequentlythe world, but Adelaide seems to have descended from the Irish branch. The family's crest is a crescent moon, with the motto: "Sine sol nihil" (nothing without the sun).

Adelaide Pettigrew, (b. Dungannon, Ireland, 22 December 1840 [1836?]; d. 14 January 1926 Cowra) was 12 when she arrived in Cowra, sent to her aunt as a sickly child, hoping the warm climate would improve her health. Her aunt was married to William Redfern Watt, a grazier of Bumbaldry NSW, son of William Redfern (1778-1833). Redfern (father) was a surgeon, born in Wiltshire, England, and was an assistant surgeon in the British navy in the ship 'Standard' when the mutiny tookplace on the 'Nore'. Accused of urging the crew of the 'Standard' to take part in the mutiny, he was tried, sentenced to death, but because of his youth the sentence was commuted to transportation for life. He arrived in NSW in 1801. Governor Lachlan Macquarie pardoned him and in 1808 he received the first medical diploma to be issued in Australia. In 1811 he married Sarah Wills of Sydney and they had two sons, William Lachlan Macquarie Redfern and Joseph Foveaux Redfern. It was WLMR's daughter who was Adelaide Pettigrew's aunt."

(Paul King 3/2/2008: The above all seems to conflict - William Redfern Watt, grazier & MP, is recorded as married to married to Mary Grant on the Parliament of NSW former members index

Willam Redfern Watt's Father was Andrew(?) Watt, however his mother was Margaret Redfern, William Redfern's SISTER

By definition, any daughter of William Redferns son William Lachlan Macquarie Redfern would be Adelaide's second cousin, not "Aunt"?)

Email from David Cullinane to Paul king (22/7/06): "The Redfern connection is a bit more difficult to assess. It's interesting as the names Redfern, and Lachlan Macquarie, crop up often in the Pettigrew family (see the Marks Connection for that connection - through Adelaide, my g-grandmother and your g-g-grandmother, whose married name was Stephenson). The Pettigrews were Irish-Scottish but the family origin was French and they came to Britain with the Norman Conquests. They have a family crest of which I have a copy, and a motto: Nihil sine sol [nothing without the Sun], which probably came fromthe crusades. Anyway, I suspect the Redfern connection comes in with the child of Dr William Redfern (a surgeon with the British Navy, convicted and transported for sympathising with mutineers - there is a detailed biog in the Australian Dictionary of Biography, if your libraries have them. His marriage[s] and/or liaisons are a bit of a mystery.). A daughter of Redfern married into the Pettigrew family and finished up in Cowra NSW, to whom Adelaide, her niece, was sent from Ireland as a teenager in poor health hoping the warm dry climate would help. It did, she lasted into her 80s!"